Michael Krebber

When people I know see Michael Krebber’s work they get annoyed and frustrated, looking at the area of the canvas which does have paint as pointless marks. The areas worked in to have been taken away from any relation to any object we know. Any opportunity of something beginning has been scrapped and covered with more aggressive mark making. Although it can come across as thoughtless it is obvious that all marks have been considered, every stroke of paint precisely thought about to make sure the paintings do not exist as anything. The far right painting begins as a back wash or a sky blue, but quickly stopped with a sharp semi circle of purple, a wiggly stroke of grey and a largr circle the same colour as the sky which ended up not existing. The far left canvas has dabs of black so little that he could have tripped in to the canvas, marks which no purpose, just an irritating stain. The same goes for the middle, the parts which do have paint, have been worked into so much that nothing any subject has been covered with more paint. Krebber’s work ends before it begins, his knowledge of painting makes him stop before he begins. We stand crying to relate objects and ideas to it but will not achieve anything by doing so. The paintings stands in limbo and present a dilemma for the viewer, asking them what did they want and actually expect.

Michael Krebber



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