Annie Turner

Sinker (2014)

Annie Turner’s ceramic sculpture Sinker is an object based on fixed moorings weighted to the riverbed, she uses slips and oxides to create this rusted texture which gives this impression of the force of the water below splashing against its form. The piece is continuous and is shown through her glaze’s which show the forces of time, the power of currents slowly deforming its original shape. Showing the power of the river with the object crinkling and denting into it self, the object seems light and brittle, showing the effects of the water passing through its well and this is done through her extensive firing process.

Top image is Sinker (2014), I do not know the name of the second piece but thought it was a good example of what could happen over time. Showing the power, repetition and the effects of the river current.

Annie Turner, Sinker (2014) Annie-Turner


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