Angela De La Cruz

Angela De La Cruz work sits between painting and sculpture, she begins her work with the stretcher but takes it away from the basic principles of painting by twisting, pulling and slashing at the materials. From doing this the object approaches something more sculptural. Her objects can be seen as an attack, where the work is mangled and deformed, she mentions how “the moment I cut through the canvas I get rid of the grandiosity of painting”. Some would consider the work to be an attack on painting, where as I see it as an extension of what painting can be. Bringing the divide between painting and sculpture closer together.

Bottom – Ready to Wear- 1999

Top – Super Clutter XXL (Pink and Brown)- 2006

Angela De La Cruz, Super Clutter XXL (Pink and Brown) 2006 Angela De La Cruz, Ready to Wear (1999)


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