Damien Hirst


1000 Years (1990)

1000 years created by Damien Hirst is a live minimalist sculpture showing the life cycle through flies. It begins in this clean white cube where the birth happens away from are view, next to this is a cows head soaking in its own blood with a blood zapper above ready to kill any fly which approaches after its feast. While some flies disappear amongst the thick red syrup others carry on attacking the cows head, slowly eating every inch of it until only bone is left. This work shows life as a continuous cycle and we are entertained by the life of the fly, amazed by the nature of how it acts existing only to be born, eat and then die. The repetitive nature of the work becomes saddening and the life of fly starts coming across as very pathetic. However I find It hard not to relate these flies to mankind’s very existence, how so many of us concentrate on the prize and ignore the ones which drown within the liquid.


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