Henk Peeters


Burn Hole (1961)

Henk Peeters 1961 work ‘Burn Hole’ is made of layers of white monochrome which is then burnt, this is an example of a series he made using the burning process which goes under the name pyrographies. The composition centres around the middle part of the frame, and extends up and down from the centre. Holes have been formed where vast amount of heat was applied and a trace exists of where the heat went over leaving a trail of soot. Although the material is very uncontrollable the marks show that precision was used and that the marks created were intentional and none erratic. Although the artist can’t control where the soot marks are fully left he controls how long it has to burn through the material and also the area where the soot can sit. Enhancing the power of the material by restricting the movement and considering placement to create an interesting manufactured composition which still has signs of how fire can expand unruly.

Henk Peeters was associated with the Nouveau Realisme which was explained by Pierre Restany (Art critic and philosopher) as “poetic recycling of urban industrial and advertising reality”.


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