Felix Gonzales-Torres


Untitled (North) 1993

Approaching this screen of light, everything is on show the wires across the floor guiding you to the place where the lights get there source of energy. The hanging of the lights are heavenly and you find yourself becoming lost within the halo of the work. Felix Gonzales-Torres work is gentle and delicate, every light bulb looks like it would fade away from the faintest touch.

The piece has links with life and death, the lights will burn out and die and slowly only a shell will exist. Contentiously Felix Gonzales-Torres would use lights as a metaphor for the process of death allowing the light bulbs to die throughout the exhibition. However the continuation of life existed when the piece would move, giving it a new life in a new home.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres past away in 1996, he was also open about the instructions of how to handle his work, Untitled (North) will always change throughout time allowing the person who exhibits the work to decide how it is shown. The artist said, “I don’t necessarily know how these pieces are best displayed. I don’t have all of the answers—you [the owner] decide how you want it done. Whatever you want to do, try it. This is not some Minimalist artwork that has to be exactly two inches to the left and six inches down. Play with it, please. Have fun. Give yourself that freedom. Put my creativity into question….”. The artist promoted the viewer to interact with the work, to go on there own journey.



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