Ayse Erkmen


Plan B (2011)

Asye Erkmen installation Plan B (2011) was displayed in the Arsenale during the Venice Bienalle in 2011. The work is an enormous water-purifying system which has been extended by separating areas with longer piping system. By doing so this drawing the viewers attention to the transformation happening in front of us, the cycle of polluted water pumping in from the Venice Canal going through the cycle of being cleaned and recycled.

When the industrial farm has purified the water it is then pumped back into the polluted canal. This endearing gesture becomes futile once the purified water enters the canal, only to be overwhelmed and polluted once again from the mass amount of water in the canal. This installation shows the fragile relationship between ourselves and nature, documenting a visual experience of a solution which is short lived. This brings us to question the relationship between us and the nature that we are, or have destroyed, questioning whether we can fix the damage which human kind has carved into the surroundings, of if it is just a doomed dream.


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