Eva Rothschild


Narrow Way (2007)

Eva Rothschild, Narrow Way (2007) is made of leather lacing interwoven onto an underlying construction, the choice of material evoke the idea of the post minimalist art of the 1960s and 1970s and has strong links with artists like Eva Hesse.

The style of the artist work is arresting, creating sculptures which look like futuristic artefacts from a civilisation which is yet to exist. The sculptures lie away from are imaginings, weightless and mysterious. Eva Rothschild work has strong links with new age mysticism, creating works which seem like they have come from another world, documenting a futuristic dark, gory, plagued reality that we are still to face. The dark snake like forms hang from the frame while this blood like substance drips towards the floor.

The snaked forms make me think of intestines, making me think of a ritual, devising a sacrifice, spreading the guts over a structure to keep the bad omens away. This form which looks plagued could be a celebration, something what is meant to create luck. Bringing links to rituals, symbols and mythology.


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