Lucio Fontana

Spatial Concept 'Waiting' 1960 by Lucio Fontana 1899-1968
Spatial Concept ‘Waiting’ 1960

Lucio Fontana Spatial Concept, ‘Waiting’ (1960), is one of a series of paintings/sculptures he made from 1958 to 1968 which consist of a plain canvas with one or multiple slashes across the surface, collectively known as Tagil (Cuts).

These pieces were seen to show his gestural aesthetics, creating marks which looked like slashes from a blade, creating a breakage in the canvas which looked like wounds to the skin. Seeing this work gives a feeling of a paper cut, or when something sharp slices your skin, that sharp pain which hits you in a fast rush. However the cut opens the sculptural possibilities, creating a void with infinite possibilities. Lucio Fontana placed black gauze on the back of the canvas creating this intangible void. Something which at first makes you stiffen from idea of being cut engulfs you and pulls you within this space which calms and hypnotizes you.


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