Callum Innes


Studio Image (2013)

Callum Innes work involves the layering of pigments onto the surface and then removing the oil paint with washes of turpentine. His work is a study in the process of painting and un-painting, making works which push the limits of his material creating a geometric formed image which documents a continuous uncertainty within the process. Because of this work becomes static in time, in-between a moment of something being began and finished where viewing the work it not certain what is coming and going. Even the materials themselves change, always being an doubt about how the paints will react with each other and the turpentine.

The image above is a studio image from Callum Innes website and shows a clean empty square space where another surface once was, leaving a trace around it of the marks which we guess are from the process of making the painting which no longer is present. This work could be conceived as a document of an event which has passed, or the actual piece it self, pushing the question what is the final work, the final image, the process, or the documentation of the process which has occurred.


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