Monika Grzymala


Miles and Miles of Sticky Tape

Monika Grzymala uses vast amounts of adhesive tape stuck directly to the gallery walls to create these submersive three dimensional installations. The work is focused on drawing, exploring line and marks, and pushing what drawing can be. The artist takes it away from two dimensional drawing and, using her physical self, creates drawings where she interacts with the site specifically and its surroundings to creates a original response. The work is considered a performance, a documentation of her movement within the space and also her relationship with the surrounding environment.

Monika Grzymala describes her work through distances rather then weights, as it documents the physical effort in each work, pressing on the performative actions of the drawing. Highlighting the time based components of each work, the artist explains it as a time capsule referencing it to her body. When you look at it you can see the action and movement where the tape looks energetic and flows around the space, hitting the wall in force leaving a print of an explosion. These areas seem likes marks of importance moments which the artist wants us to notice, a foot print of her thought process. The drawings are like the artists brain waves, once the performative action is done what is left is a trace of her engagement with the surroundings.



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