Johanna Calle


Perspectives (2007)

Johanna Calle is a Columbian artist who concentrates on the themes of her homes reality, concentrating on the bitter truths. The work pushes towards the social injustice and violence which happens in her country, the unresolved cases, the long term repercussions created by politics.

Johanna Calle uses drawing as a language, where the drawing will show the physical aspect of the subject she is trying to document. For example her series Perspectives (2007) which is pressed metal cages which destroy the volume of the 3D object and turn it into a 2D structure. This pressed structure, is limited, functionless and trapped. This object is linked with the idea of captivity, the closed claustrophobic space. Johanna Calle mentions how it was related to “human settlements in the poverty belts of large cities”as well.

The meticulous use of material is what creates such a strong subject matter, each drawings material has its purpose to explain an emotion through a physical action.


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