Sandy Skolgund


Radioactive Cats (1980)

In 1980’s Photographer, artist, Sandy Skolgund created a work called Radioactive Cats which consisted of 24 sculpted plaster cats covered with day-glo paint. Scurrying around a grey room the cats are with an old man who sits on his chair and an old lady who looks within the fridge (where no light shines), we assume that they are the owners of these fluorescent cats.

In 1980’s these cats were a representation of nature adapting to a post-nuclear world by turning bright green, relating to the current political issues at the time. This image is timeless and still remind us of the dark issues we face right now, the rising of toxic and pollutant levels, the death of natures habitat. Those cats mingle around, clear as day showing the issues which exist while the old couple carry on with there mundane lives while slowly everything darkens and breaks like the chair on the floor. The humans seem to be dissolving within the scenery and seem lifeless, where as the cats seem energetic, full of life and eager to survive.


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