Heidi Bucher


OT-TO-TO-TO-TO-TO-TO (1975) + Treppengeländer Ahnenhaus II ( 1980)

Heidi Bucher work, OT-TO-TO-TO-TO-TO-TO (1975) is a row of 6 shirts which have be covered in latex. One behind the other it creates this tightly formed queue of stiffened shirts which comes across as remains or traces of a past event. A lot of Heidi Bucher have this personal aspect, creating work which relates to memory and private space. Using everyday objects she creates a narrative which is saddening, the work in away comes across as a carcass, a artefact of some horrible event.

Her most famous work is Raumbaute (Room Skins) which are casts of architectural elements in latex. These objects come across as fragile and look easily influenced, the skin like forms look like they could be moulded and taken away from there current form. All her work have a strong relationship with memory and the everyday, coming across as very personal. They look stuck between this permanent presence but at the same time are fading and deteriorating, stuck in an ever lasting limbo.


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