Lydia Gifford

bough 2013drum 2013

Bough (2013) + Drum (2013)

The physical work of Lydia Gifford has major influence from the literature she reads, mainly poetry, taking the descriptive words for influence in creating her work. The work is soaked, stretched, pinned, going through a motion of different movements and techniques to create tension with the materials. The work evolves through process and that action of being there and involved within it is vital, this bond which allows the artist to make these split set decisions like cutting through the canvas. It is drawing with layers, starting with a basic form and building it up and slowly moulding the form, by adding and taking away, creating a story with the material and marks. The object which we see shows this event, the object looks aged and can come across beaten up, where areas have sunken into themselves and look like they have been repeatedly hit by a large object and other parts of the material sags like old skin.


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