Robert Montgomery


Top is a Billboard piece + Great Foster Fire Poem (2013) + A Hundred Years (2014)

Robert Montgomery is considered as a sculptural poet, creating giant poems which he normally illegally installs during the night. Plastering over advertisement boards with his posters of poetry which are influenced by his personal views and philosophical beliefs, writing about world ideas like beauty and consumerism. His billboard poems are done with black and white typography, similar to what tabloids use to have there writings stand out. This is something that Montgomery does, using either the black and white, neon lights and occasional fire for his words to create poems which stand out in the viewers face. Many would consider the way he works to be considered as street art however he would consider himself more of a Situationist. This is a group of Avant Garde artists from the last century who created works in unexpected places to create there own ideas, pushing there ideas on the viewer in unexpected places.


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