Chris Burden


Urban Lights (2008)

Urban Lights is piece made from a collection of restored lights from the 1920s and 1930s, mostly lights which would have been lighting the streets of California. This work is created by the artist Chris Burden, who began collecting these specific lights in the year 2000. One thing which is believed to bring on this want for collecting these lights was his interaction with a specific museum in Los Angles down Wilshere Boulevard where he mentioned how he felt the institution had gone against its duty, “I’ve been driving by these buildings for 40 years, and it’s always bugged me how this institution turned its back on the city.

He looked at these lights as something historical, something which at its time was built to last and that idea of duration excited him, something which will outlive him and the viewer significantly. This work could be seen as a modernised monument, not referencing a man or women of history but a moment. Referencing many things like, light, history, art, duration, and many other big subjects which can lead to many different paths.


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