Karri Upson



Kiss (2007)

Larry Project

Where and who is Larry? Karri Upson one day was searching in a derelict building, only to come across a collection of personal items of a stranger who we assume once lived there. Starting to question the information she had found, she began to dig into the man’s past to find out more. From certain images found it is believed that Larry was a bit of Playboy character and Karri Upson started to hunt for more information.

It began as a bit of an investigation only to quickly transform into something which could be looked at as a bit of an obsession. She started by searching on the internet but then the artist started using methods like getting the hand writing of Larry analysed. From this she began to link herself with this person creating work like Kiss (2007) where she painted a portrait of herself and him and smashed the images together while still wet. The two separate worlds started to merge together and a fantasy world was emerging, the artist has explained it as how “the objective reality of the man I construct collapses into the subjective fiction I create, until they merge and I am more him then he is”.

Karri Upson creates this story where she is the decision maker, choosing what we see and how we understand it. It is not certain why the artist is looking into this person called Larry and whether this should be documented in such a public way. It becomes difficult to knows what’s true and false, and what is a fabrication, where the artist has created a blurred line between reality and fantasy.


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