Roger Hiorns


Seizure (2008)

Recently I visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park, One piece of work I went to see was an installation by Roger Hiorns, named Seizure (2008). This work, once based in Southwark London is a council flat which has been transformed into an environment of blue crystals which cover the whole area of the flat, growing across the walls, floor, ceiling and bath. The artist did this by making the flat water tight and then pumping liquid copper sulphate into the space. Leaving it over time allows the chemicals to attach to the walls and create a crystallised form, some what like a cave made of crystals. After time the remaining liquid was pumped out of the flat and what was left was the crystal covering the whole space.

It was interesting when approaching this work, you walk into this space what felt like a bunker and are sat down. This allows you to put some shoe covers on what made you feel like you were going in to a scene of a crime, obviously meant for protecting the work. The dark space and room within a room gave this ere feeling. Once setting off into this other space, which is the flat what has been cut out from the London site, you enter and are hit with this sparkle of blue. Many would call this work beautiful, however that did not come to my mind. This cave like space revealed aspects of the flat, you could still see parts of the stained bath tub where crystal had not formed, it was tight and the spikes of the crystals trapped you within the space, making you aware of your movement.

I got the feeling of being in a room of a infection, spreading and taking over the space. Something which normally would be looked at as natural, and beautiful, was to me grotesque and synthetic. This rectangle cave was still that London flat, it still had traces of it from where the crystal outlined an under form of the flat or where aspects were being revealed like the bath tub. I don’t believe the work was trying to hide away from being a London flat. Maybe it was trying to revitalise that space, changing something which I imagine was neglected and tatty to something of a paradise.


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